Text Santa

Studio Director CITV Special and itv.com Live Stream,December 2012 (ITV)

Live 45-minute CITV Special, presented by Jeff Brazier and Laura Hamilton.

I also directed the 3-hour live stream on itv.com. Our interactive coverage formed an important ‘second screen’ experience to support the main show.

Presented by: Jeff Brazier, Laura Hamilton, Matt Littler, Darren Jeffries  Producers: Mark Cohen & Madeline Broadbridge  

Exec Producers: Guy Freeman and Nic McNeailis

Text Santa

Live OB Director, December 2011 (ITV1)

Live multi-camera OB segment for ITV’s Christmas Eve charity fundraiser.

Executive Producer: Guy Freeman

Stand Up for Sport Relief

Director, TX March 2012 (BBC Entertainment for BBC Three)

Hosted by Claudia Winkleman. Sport stars performed a three-minute comedy set based on their sporting lives in front of a live audience at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London.

Presented by: Claudia Winkleman

Producers: Jim Hickey and Cameron Banks Executive Producer: Derek McLean

Big Olympic Tour

Live OB Director, Summer 2012 (BBC Two and CBBC Channel)

Live, multi-camera OB, simulcast on BBC Two and CBBC Channel every Saturday morning leading up to the Olympic Games.

Presented by Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood Executive Producer: Tim Levell

Friday Download Christmas Special

Studio Director, December 2011 (Saltbeef TV for BBC)

Hit studio entertainment show hosted by six of the UK’s hottest teenage talents. Featuring music performances, dance, games and chat.

Series Producer: Melony Smith Executive Producers: Jeremy Salsby, Jed Leventhall

Comic Relief, 24 Hour Panel People

Live Streaming Director, March 2011 (BBC Entertainment)

For David Walliams game show marathon I was responsible for setting up and directing the live web steam and editing for compliance using an EVS delay. Our 24-hour live broadcast included message board chat and interviews with the game show panellists during the studio resets.

Presented by Greg James, Laura Jackson, Matt Edmondson, Jameela Jamil  Producer: Keith Cotton

Weekend Wogan

Director, August & November 2010 (Wise Buddah for BBC)

Live music performances and chat with Sir Terry Wogan, broadcast from the BBC Radio Theatre. I directed and vision-mixed the television coverage of the show which formed an important part of the BBC’s Interactive output. Shown on the ‘red button’ plus edited highlights on the Radio 2 website.

Presenter: Sir Terry Wogan

Executive Producer: Russ Williams, Series Producer: Gary August

Basil and Barney’s Swap Shop

Studio Director, Summer 2010 (The Foundation for BBC Two)

Basil Brush’s fast and funny, live Saturday morning entertainment show with comedy, games and sketches as well as the famous swaps.

Presenters: Basil Brush, Barney Harwood

Executive Producers: Ged Allen and Vanessa Hill Series Producer: Amanda Westwood

Keep Your Enemies Close

Studio Director, Summer 2009 (CBBC)

Top-rating, fast-moving, physical game show. Pairs of best friends had to work cleverly with their opponents to solve various physical and mental challenges. Produced at Teddington Studios to a very tight schedule.

Presented by Joel Defries

Executive Producer: Annette Williams Series Producer: Anne Dixon Producer: Keith Cotton


Studio Director, Series 11, 12 & 14 (CBBC)

As well as directing the studio recordings of this top-rating children’s art programme, I was responsible for overseeing the extensive post production requirements, including finishing in Smoke.

Presented by Kirsten O’Brien, Mark Speight, Mike Fischetti  

Producers: Caroline Norris, Anne Dixon, Hugh Lawton   Executive Producer: Joe Godwin

Springwatch Trackers

OB Director, Spring 2007 (CBBC/BBC Natural History Unit)

A major BBC event, broadcast live from a farm in Devon, daily for three weeks. The programme was produced in collaboration with the BBC Natural History Unit, enabling me to make full use of the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques.

I had over 60 live cameras available at my control to capture the nesting and fledging of the wildlife.

Presented by Kirsten O’Brien and Steve Backshall with Bill Oddie  

Producer: Ewan Vinnicombe Series Producer: Lynne Jones  Executive Producer: Claire Zolkwer

Keep Your Hair On!

Studio Director, November 2006 (Endemol for CBBC)

Daily, LIVE, fast-moving, gameshow produced by Endemol as part of the 2006 Children in Need appeal.

Presented by Reggie Yates and Gina Yashere

Producer: Ilia Ralphs Executive Producer: Christopher Pilkington

Grandstand / Sunday Grandstand

Studio Director, Autumn 2005 (BBC Sport)

A highly complex studio operation; coordinating feeds from various live sporting events, studio interviews, VT replays and computer graphics.

Presented by John Inverdale Producer: Richard Carr

Junior Great North Run

OB Director, September 2006 (BBC Sport / CBBC)

Live, multi-camera outside broadcast from Tyneside, as part of the annual marathon. As well as links for the CBBC Channel, I directed the actual race coverage using radio-cameras, remote reporters and GPS mapping graphics.

Presented by Anne Foy and Simon Grant  Producer: Jeremy Davies Editor: Gary August


Senior Studio Director, Spring 2005 (CBBC)

As the Senior Director on the team I was responsible for setting the directing style of the programme.

Series Producer: Tanya Motie Executive Producer: Annette Williams